As a key part of Edinburgh Theological Seminary’s long-term development, the Centre for Mission required a unique visual identity of its own, whilst at the same time continuing to be recognised as an integral part of the Seminary and the Free Church of Scotland. 
The design process began with plenty of research and discussion with staff to gain a deep understanding of the core ethos and long-term goals of the Centre in relation to ETS and the wider church and gospel partners.
Once the foundations were set, a brand was carefully developed, beginning with the design of a logo and visual identity. Careful consideration was given to shape, typography and colour palette, all of which sought to echo and compliment that of the Seminary and the Free Church of Scotland, of which the Centre for Mission is a part. ​​​​
Blue, purple, indigo and green were chosen as key colours, which work beautifully and cohesively alongside the purple tones of the ETS brand whilst, at the same time, evoke a sense of something fresh, open and new.
Using this design, we then built a comprehensive responsive website, followed by an introductory brochure. A key part of developing this brand has been through the use of imagery and photography, showcasing the potential of all the Centre for Mission had to offer.
The end result is a cohesive, rich and vibrant visual identity, evoking a great sense of potential and interactivity. At the same time, the design remains purposefully simple and flexible, allowing the Centre the opportunity to further establish itself and develop over time. 

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